Giorgos & Eleni

  • November 27, 2015
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Bride: I could never imagine myself getting married. The only way to pass through my fears and make it happens was as a “bungee jumping”. Trying to achieve the impossible! How could usual wedding photographers be part of a land-diving?? Thank you so much for being special artists instead of common photographers. Thank you so much for being part of our joy. Part of this crazy surprise! Nothing would be the same without you. Who cares for typical/usual family photos? Who cares for the perfect, flawless bride? Life is neither perfect nor flawless… Life is full of tears, smiles, fears, joy, madness… everything! And your images are full of life. From now on, these photos are going to be my talisman. Will refer to them every moment of weakness to remind me how much light can be gathered in a few hours… Just make your decision and… jump!

Groom: You became one with the hole event and you managed to capture on camera strongly motions, tears of joy, shocking reactions, smiles, laughter… You saw through our eyes and you felt through our souls. Thank you for being there!

P.S. I won’t forget your beautiful dance to the rhythms of the Greek traditional music!

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