Mairi Mparola SS2018

Mairi Mparola SS2018

” When it comes to Marrakech, the old parts of the city gracefully meet with the new modern elements, a fusion of colours and aromas that give this city a truly unique atmosphere. When it comes to impeccably designed wedding gowns that reflect this cosmopolitan aura, yet with elements that offer a glimpse into the past, the only wedding designs that come to mind are those of Mairi Barola’s who’s creations will steal your heart every time.

Amongst the red baked-mud medina palaces and lost in the winding labyrinthian souks, a wedding photoshoot lead by photographers and masters of light, Constantinos and Petros Sofikitis along with one of the top Greek cinematographers, Alex Stabasopoulos, could only achieve the most wonderful results, highlighting the beauty in every corner of this city.

Located on the edge of the Sahara, this amazingly multifaceted city and a Unesco World Heritage site is rightfully considered to be a perfect wedding destination. Inside historic hotels adorned with a unique Moroccan aesthetic and in the same locations once used by photographer Irving Penn for Vogue magazine, this photoshoot could only be considered as majestic and the event of a lifetime.

For wedding designer Mairi Barola, light is the greatest source of inspiration – she believes every woman has light within her, a light that beams and graces all those around.

Similarly, for Constantinos and Petros Sofikitis, light is often the overriding medium in their work that captures and enhances the elements that matter most to them, giving birth to unique emotions.

Feminine cut-outs, delicate laces and fine beading transform Mairi Barola’s wedding gowns into fairytale dresses to be worn by the bride on the most important day of her life. Crop tops teamed up with maxi flared skirts, Hollywood inspired breathtaking backless dresses and ethereal lace gowns with contrasting bold belts reflect the inner beauty and ethereal glow of every woman.”

– Katerina Papapostolou


Bridal Designer: Mairi Mparola
Photographer: Petros & Constantinos Sofikitis
Cinematographer: Alex Stabasopoulos
Model: Darya Turovnik
Make Up Artist & Hair Stylist: George Marascas

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