3 Days in Beirut

3 Days in Beirut

Elias is a Lebanese groom. Maria is a Greek bride. Beirut is the city they chose for their special day, a place to seal their love and start their new life as husband and wife. It was in this special and unique city, a place of antithesis where east meets west and skyscrapers stand right by the sea, that their three day celebration began, declaring their pure love. A love that does not know borders, but quite the opposite, it unifies the contrasting elements and embraces the coming together of these two countries. Just like the city they chose as their wedding destination, Beirut. A city full of contrasts that served as the perfect setting for a ceremony and a party adorned with the colors and aromas of these two ethnicities. A wedding that makes you realize how beautiful and moving it is when frontiers are broken down.

Photographer: Petros Sofikitis

Wedding Planner      Groom and Bride

Wedding Concept &  Styling    Groom and Bride

Videographer: Dreamsproduction

Wedding Gown       Aliki Giannitsi

Wedding Venue     Santa Preri Beach Resort

Flower Decoration  Al Mawessem Flowers

Hairtyling  Jacky Away Haha

Make-up Jacky Away Haha

Creative Kit