Throw Your Arms Around Me

Throw Your Arms Around Me

There are “nextDay” shoots and then there are “nextDay” shoots set on a stunning location such as the one we visit, Nafplio.

The latter is what we’ve got sitting pretty just below.

Scroll through the gallery to find out all the details!

wedding-nafplio_0000 wedding-nafplio_0001 wedding-nafplio_0002 wedding-nafplio_0003 wedding-nafplio_0004 wedding-nafplio_0005 wedding-nafplio_0006 wedding-nafplio_0007 wedding-nafplio_0008 wedding-nafplio_0009 wedding-nafplio_0010 wedding-nafplio_0011 wedding-nafplio_0012 wedding-nafplio_0013 wedding-nafplio_0014 wedding-nafplio_0015 wedding-nafplio_0016 wedding-nafplio_0017 wedding-nafplio_0018 wedding-nafplio_0019 wedding-nafplio_0020 wedding-nafplio_0021 wedding-nafplio_0022

Photographer: Constantinos Sofikitis

Creative Kit