Secret Getaway

Secret Getaway

“Dance me to the end of love” or “Everybody dance now”? The lyrics of these songs were sang again and again along with many others at a two day wedding event that made bodies ache from the endless dancing day and night. It was a party and that’s exactly what every wedding should be, celebrating the start of a new life for the bride and groom. Alexandros and Stella chose the island of Antiparos for their secret getaway and a private residence to host their beloved friends. Spontaneous smiles, kisses and warm hugs filled these joyous days that will remain embedded in one’s memory. A wedding full of unforgettable moments precisely because feelings were translated and brought into the spotlight through song, dance and positive energy whilst love took center stage making these moments so truly unique.





Photographer: Constantinos Sofikitis

Second Shooter: Stefanos Kranas
Cinematographer: Chris and Panos

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