The Travelers

The Travelers

If you have travelled all over the world for every possible reason and by all means of transport, why would you choose a Greek island such as Milos as your wedding destination? Was it an accidental choice, one you fell upon whilst spinning the globe and placing your finger to a point at random or was it the only choice from the moment you encountered this island and its crystal blue waters? Perhaps even both, is the answer. Sometimes an intimate wedding shared only with close family and friends allows for the creation of the most unforgettable memories with your other half. For Christian and Yvonne, the aficionado travelers, the biggest journey they embarked upon was the one that marked the beginning of their life together as husband and wife – a journey that began on the majestic island of Milos.


Photographer: Constantinos & Petros Sofikitis

Wedding planner: Milos Events

Catering: Tarantella Beach Restaurant

Invitations: Groom

Groom’s Suit:  Gianni Feraud

Bride’s Jewelry: James Porter & Son

Wedding Venue: Provotas Beach

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